Welcome: What is Self-Worthy?

Self-Worthy Tina

Hi! I’m Tina, the creator of Self-Worthy. I’m so glad that you’re here.

I wholeheartedly believe that each of us has the potential to be satisfied in our own lives. Within each of us we have everything we need to achieve our goals and find contentment. Fulfillment is not a luxury, but something we all deserve.

About Tina

It’s strange to write about myself in the third person, so let’s keep it informal, shall we?

I come from a small, humble town in rural Pennsylvania. Growing up, I wasn’t poor but I definitely wasn’t rich. I get my work ethic and my money smarts from my parents, who never let my brother and me feel like we were lacking anything in life.

I have a degree in civil engineering from Columbia University. I’ve worked in commercial construction management for the last ten years, which has allowed me to work directly with people from all walks of life. My job has always been stressful and demanding, but it’s also helped me develop my analytical and problem-solving skills at lightning speed.

I’m proud to note that I am a 200-hour RYT certified yoga teacher. I started practicing yoga in 2009 when I moved from the northeast to Austin, TX. I’ve always been drawn to Eastern philosophy, so my yoga training allowed me to deep-dive into learning more about the principles behind the physical practice that brought me solace in times of stress.

Engineering and Eastern philosophy? Construction and yoga? You would think I’m having an identity crisis, but these two parts of my life have shown me what it means to have balance. I see how important it is for us to have a stress release outlet and a connection that helps us feel like part of a greater whole. I also see how tricky it can be to fit those things into the reality of our daily lives.

Creating balance has become my passion.

So what is Self-Worthy?

The process of finding contentment is simple, but not always easy. It takes dedication and practice to hone our skills. Only then are we able to hear the message of our heart’s truth that has been drowned out by the noise of our everyday life.

The goal of Self-Worthy is to help you see the infinite potential within yourself. To recognize that once you discover your own truth everything else will fall into place. 

You will fall down. You will have setbacks.

It’s not going to be perfect, but it will be worth it.

I am here to give you the tools to manage the parts of life that are messy and stressful so you can focus on the parts that bring you joy. To help you build the skills you need to get back up when you fall down.

You are worthy of being true to your own Self.

Welcome. I hope you stay awhile.