The Self-Worthy Commitment

It’s hard to believe anything you read on the internet anymore. With so many untrustworthy sources out there, how can you weed out the real from the fake?

Self-Worthy is built on trust. When you commit to join the Self-Worthy community, you can count on my commitment to your best interests.

Here’s what you can expect from me and from Self-Worthy:

  • An advertisement-free Self-Worthy website
  • No spam or other junk from Self-Worthy. Ever.
  • Full disclosure on all affiliate links. I will never recommend anything to you that I don’t stand behind 100%.
  • I personally read and respond to all emails. I love hearing from you, and when you take the time to write to me, I owe you the respect of a personal reply.

In short, you can count on Self-Worthy to be a reliable, transparent resource in a sea of fishy (pun intended) information.

Are you with me? Join the Self-Worthy Community here: